Niels Bugges Cartoon Award 2014

World Cup in satirical cartoons held in Denmark

Viborg, Denmark, April, 2014

Drawings from around the world participate in the competition for "Niels Bugge Cartoon Award" in Denmark.

The awards "Niels Bugge Cartoon Award" will be awarded the 31.of May and has become a major event not only in Denmark but throughout the world among satirical cartoonists. The award has put Denmark on the map for a positive international event that unites satirical cartoonists around the world on a global cause.

The idea to the International Cartoon award comes from the Dane Poul Nielsen's passion for humour and especially cartoons.
Poul Nielsen and his wife Gitte along with members of the international cartoonist organization FECO (Federation of Cartoonist Organizations) has taken the initiative in the competition.

- Humour is universal. We have not just the same sense of humour like the people that come from the same place and have seen the same things. With the price, I want to create a unifying activity surrounding the cartoons. Therefore we have been focused on that year's theme is something that can bring together across cultures, religions and communities. Last year the theme was “Food” and this year is the “Climate” that artists have to deal with entitled "Oceans are in our hands," says Poul Nielsen.

In the competition drawings comes from 75 countries, all of which are designed specifically for this year's current theme. There are now more than 1,000 fantastic humorous and thoughtful bids from countries like Iran, China, the U.S., Syria, Turkey and Denmark.

The panel of judges who must now choose the three best drawings consist a number of internationally recognized artists from FECO (Feed Ration and cartoonists Organisation).
At the website people can follow the news about the contest, see pictures from last year's show and Detailed information about the awards.
You can also see the cartoons from last year here
For more information about the competition, please contact:

Poul Nielsen
Tel: +45 3032 7998

Theme for Niels Bugge Cartoon Award in 2014 is OCEANS ARE IN OUR HANDS
Human being, as all life on earth, came from the stars and landed through the ocean. Ocean is our very first foster mother, much more than the land where we, now, cut trees and plant transgenic corn. But, as we maltreat land, we have been maltreating our spring of life and now oceans are quite ill because of our activities: less fish but more plastic, less pure water but more oil, less coral but more garbage.
That’s why today, not tomorrow, we must do our best to save oceans of ourselves if we still want to have a future on this planet. So, to help people to get more conscience of that, we propose to our friends cartoonists all over the world to participate in our contest on the theme « Oceans ». Obviously, we will do our best to diffuse this exhibition as large as possible.
So, please be great, be free, be creatives and be fun as usual and send us one or two cartoons without words about this very important subject for life on earth: Oceans.


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